Interactive Marketplace

The “Interactive Marketplace” was a programme on “Piazza virtuale”, in which the audience should buy and sell things. The format disappeared after a short time from the programs that were shown on 3Sat because it violated the advertising guidelines of the public broadcaster. The program was broadcast at irregular intervals until July 5, 1992, via the Olympus satellite. However, the few shows that were broadcast on 3Sat show that the format would have had potential. From the beginning on, there have been callers who were trying to sell stuff. Among others, video cameras and fax modems, cars and musical instruments, radio equipment and ice skates, model airplanes and other toys are offered. In many ways, the program takes up the model of the classified ad, but also refers to upcoming platforms such as eBay or craigslist, which developed in the early days of the WorldWideWeb. There are also examples of pranks and trolls in this early phase of “Piazza virtuale”. For example, a participant registers as “Piotr from Katowice” and offers bicycles with a pseudo-Polish accent, “around 30 of them” – obviously a reference to the theft of bicycles. In another show, one of the participants in the chat offers his soul for sale; Among other things, he is offered a pack of cigarettes or a series of free wishes.