Piazzetta Prague was organized by the German-Czech media artist Michael Bielicky, together with a small group of assitants, students and friends at the Prague Academy of Art, where he had accepted a professorship a year earlier. The project was supported by Fluxus artist and Rector Milan Knížák, among others. Seven programmes were broadcast between mid-July and the beginning of August, after which broadcasting could not continue because the Academy of Fine Arts was renovated during the semester break. Bielicky, who was first a master student and then assistant to Nam June Paik at the Düsseldorf Art Academy, also used impulses from his work on “Piazza virtuale” in his subsequent media works. Shortly before the end of “Piazza virtuale”, another group from Prague produced two Piazzetta shows. “Piazza virtuale” was also broadcast at night in the ČSSR from 6 July 1991 by the newly founded channel OK3.