AVIS Low Cost Video Digitizer (1994)

The AVIS Low Cost Video Digitizer, also known as “the Cheese”

“AVIS converts video signals into a serial data stream,” says Ponton’s website. “AVIS transmits black and white images over analogue telephone lines or the Internet… AVIS can be used for a wide variety of applications: video conferencing, surveillance functions, live transmission of graphics, connections to the AVIS server at Ponton and much more.” The device, which anticipates today’s teleconferences via Zoom or Skype, was developed by Ponton and built by Taiwanese company To Win. 1000 units were put on the market from 1994. The AVIS was also used in the production of “Service area a.i.”.

Screenshots of the AVIS Low Cost Video Digitizer software,
technical sketch of the Avis Low Cost Video Digitizer