Benjamin Heidersberger

Benjamin Heidersberger, born 1957 in Braunschweig. Studied physics, biology and computer science (discontinued). Founded the artist group Head Resonance Company with Peter Elsner in Wolfsburg in 1978, Ponton-Lab in Hamburg in 1989 and has been its managing director ever since. Interactive media projects in Europe, USA and Japan. 1993/94 Lecturer in the design of electronic media at the Merz Akademie. 1998 foundation of the Kulturserver as an online community for art and culture, 2000, Germany’s official portal for the Federal Press Office, 2002 of the Institut Heidersberger for archiving, processing and publishing the life’s work of Heinrich Heidersberger. 2002 curator for net art at the Werleitz Biennale. Since 2010, the algorithmic piano composition Pentatonic Permutations ( 2017/2018 curator of the production art festival “Drehmoment” in Stuttgart ( Publications and lectures on computers, interactive media and society. Within the project Ponton/Van Gogh TV responsible for conception and interactivity of the projects 1986 (Ars Electronica), 1987 (documenta 8), 1989 (Ars Electronica), 1990 (Ars Electronica), 1992 (documenta IX) and 1994 (Ars Electronica). Lives in Berlin.

Benjamin Heidersberger (Foto: Ali Altschaffel,