Piazzetta Berlin

Screen shots of Piazzetta Berlin

The Berlin Piazzetta broadcasted from Berlin’s Haus Podewil, the former East Berlin House of Young Talent, where they had set up their own studio, including an Internet café. The studio was open around the clock and became a meeting place for a young scene interested in media and art even outside broadcasting hours. The scene that came together here later developed into important Berlin Internet projects such as Internationale Stadt and Klubradio.
There were conflicts with Van Gogh TV because the Berlin Piazzetta also wanted to broadcast videos, which contradicted the interactive concept of “Piazza virtuale”. In the following clip you can see the video “Hallo TV”, created by the Berlin artist Daniel Pflumm for his bar Elektro. “Hello TV” became a derisive nickname for “Piazza virtuale” because so many of the callers did not say more than “Hello”.

A broadcast of Piazzetta Berlin

Robert Anton Wilson at Piazzetta Berlin

Video clip of Piazzetta Berlin

Interview with Pit Schultz

Interview with Thomas Kaulmann


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