Computer chat on television

Chat during Coffeehouse

Before the Internet became accessible to larger user groups in the mid-90s, mailboxes were a method of networking with others using computers. Computer chat was first featured in Van Gogh TV’s “RePublic TV” and was then also used in “Ballroom TV”. At “Piazza virtuale”, chat was one of the methods to participate in the programme. For this purpose, they had installed their own mailbox in Kassel, which also ran outside broadcasting hours. Users chatted during the programme “Coffeehouse” and other formats in a chat that could be seen in the lower part of the screen and also commented on the programme. Some users were regularly seen in the chat; one particularly regular participant was a “Bootsy” who often took part in the chat. However, since users could choose their own online pseudonym, it is also possible that the name “Bootsy” was used by several users. It would then be a predecessor of the multiple avatars, such as at QAnon, which later appeared on the internet.

Chat during coffeehouse, during a lull in conversation.