Piazzetta Hamburg

The Piazzetta Hamburg was organized by the artists’ group “Frauen und Technik” (“Women and Technology”), which was founded at the Academy of Fine Arts, where Mike Hentz was a professor at the time. It was one of the most active Piazzettas, which went on the air from the Ponton media lab in Hamburg, sometimes several times a day. In their contributions, they combined methods from feminist and performance art with an examination of the medium of television. Regular program items included “penis envy games”, a parody of a game show, but also activities that were reminiscent of artistic performances, such as when group member Cornelia Sollfrank showed only a close-up of her mouth or herself meditating for an extended period of time.

Video clip of Piazzetta Hamburg

Interview with Cornelia Sollfrank and Janine Sack


Pictures of Van Gogh TV’s media lab in Hamburg, where the Piazzetta Hamburg was produced.
Colour photos: Cornelia Sollfrank; black and white photos: Ali Altschaffel, altschaffel.com)

Screen shots of Piazzetta Hamburg