Karel Dudesek

Karel Dudesek, born in Prague in 1954. Grew up in Vienna from 1958. Admitted to the choir school of the Vienna Boys’ Choir, bookbinding apprenticeship with degree, dance studies in St. Marie de la mer, France, art studies at the Academy of Applied Arts Vienna, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna and Academy of Arts Düsseldorf. Co-founder of the Institute for Unknown Political Affairs with Bernhard Müller, Minus Delta t (link), Ponton (link) and Van Gogh TV (link).  1996 -1998 Director of VanGoghTelevision Inc, USA, 1999-2001 Visiting Professor at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, Head of the Media Department, 2001-2009 Professor at Ravensbourne University London, Head of Postgraduate Studies, 2007-2009 Director of the Takeaway Festival at the Science Museum, London. 2008 co-founder with Lukas Birk of Austro Sino Arts Program, Beijing, China, 2011 co-founder with Lukas Birk of Austro Indonesian Arts Program, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, starting a car restoration and mobile studio project with Marcus Kabele 2020. Lives in Vienna.

Karel Dudesek (Foto: Ali Altschaffel, altschaffel.com)