Mike Hentz

Mike Hentz, born 1954 in New Jersey, grew up in the USA, Italy, Switzerland and Austria; Swiss and US citizen. From 1973 performances and founding and participation in artist groups, including Defi Science Mental, minus Delta t (link), Padlt Noidlt, Frigo, Code Public, Radio Bellevue, Van Gogh Tv (link), Ponton (link), Odyssee, Hermesgroup, Universcity TV network (link), Eman network, Infermental Video Magazine, Garage TV and Hexpo. With Minus Delta t participation in documenta 1986 and 1992. Exhibitions and live and media performances throughout Europe, Canada, Japan, China and the USA. Professor at Hfbk Hamburg (1989 – 1997) Stuttgart (2003 – 2007) Board of RATV (Riga Radio and Television School) 2007, teaching master class at the Media Department RISEBA Riga since 2009, lecturer at Beihang University Beijing and Hang Zhou Art Academy China. Media Award Karlsruhe 2003. Radio-specific projects since 1979, development of reality TV show Barbarossa LNT Riga 2000 and reality TV show Aquarius Channel 4 Vilnius 2002. Organisation of Medusafestival 1997 and 2003 in Poland and co-organiser of Lalafestival 2014 – 2017 Germany. Lives in Berlin.

Mike Hentz (Foto: Ali Altschaffel, altschaffel.com)