Piazzetta Prague

Piazzetta Prague was organized by German-Czech media artist Michael Bielický together with a small group of collaborators, students and friends at the Academy of Fine Arts, Prague, where he was a professor. The project was supported by Fluxus artist and headmaster Milan Knížák, among others. Seven broadcasts were aired between mid-July and early August, after which the show could not continue because the Academy of Fine Arts was undergoing renovations during the semester break. Shortly before the end of Piazza virtuale, two more Piazzetta broadcasts were produced from Prague by another group. “Piazza virtuale” was also broadcast in the ČSSR at night by the newly founded OK3 station from July 6, 1991.

Video clip of Piazzetta Prague

Interview with Michael Bielický, media artist

Press conference featuring Mike Hentz (Van Gogh TV), Michael Bielický (Piazzetta Prague) and Milan Knížák at Academy of Fine Arts, Prague, in early 1992

Screen shots of Piazzetta Prague


The studio of Piazzetta Prague at the Academy of Fine Arts, Prague