Karel Dudesek at the press opening, sponsor logos in the background (Foto: Ali Altschaffel, altschaffel.com)

Press conference in Kassel with representatives of the sponsors (Foto: Ali Altschaffel, altschaffel.com)

Since 3Sat, with a budget of 30,000 marks, only covered a small part of the expenses of the project, which cost about half a million marks, and documenta’s support was limited to non-material support in finding sponsors, the group had to raise most of the funds they needed themselves. Therefore they had companies from Telekom to computer manufacturers to software firms and even the coffee company Lavazza support them. But public institutions such as the Hamburg Department of Culture, the Hessian Ministry of Culture or the Austrian Ministry of Culture also subsidised “Piazza virtuale”.

Minus Delta t had already sought sponsors for the elaborate project in the “Bangkok Project”. Ponton and Van Gogh TV were also only able to carry out their work, which could typically only be realised with a staff of employees and up-to-date media technology, with the help of corporate sponsors.

Logos of the sponsors on the container studio at documenta, 1992

Logos of the sponsors on the bus of Minus Delta t

Sponsors in the closing credits of Piazza virtuale