The fans

Fans of Piazza virtuale visiting the studio during a broadcast of Coffehouse

Van Gogh TV also broadcast three hours every evening via the Olympus satellite. This programme could only be seen by people who specifically searched the range of international TV satellites with their private satellite dishes and came across “Piazza virtuale” by accident. Some of them not only called regularly, but also made contact with each other, became friends and came to Kassel to be part of the production of the show. On 22 August 1990, there was even a special party for the “Olympus crowd”. As you can see in the video, some of the fans appear in the programme, which was broadcast at night on 3Sat. From today’s perspective, this networking of like-minded people via a medium can be seen as a kind of early “virtual community”.

The video shows an excerpt of the “Olympus” party, which took place on 22.08.1992 at the studio in Kassel.