Head Resonance Company (1978-1984)

Head Resonance was an interdisciplinary group of artists from Wolfsburg, including Peter Elsner and Van Gogh TV founder Benjamin Heidersberger, who were concerned with “exploring the laws of how ideas become reality” and who worked in the fields of architecture, music, performance and installation.

For their experimental vocal music the group was part of the early cassette scene, publishing at Werner Pieper’s Transmitter label and Molto Menz “Cassetten und Zeitvertreib”

The group was invited to the “Grosse Preis” at Ars Electronica in 1982, where they performed an automated voice communication setup with the audience and a robot camera. The worldwide distribution of the “Solar Powered Random Sound Generator” was planned for Ars Electronica in 1984 but never realized because the group dissolved.