Muskart – Die Robotcamera (The Robotcamera)

One of the most technically innovative and popular formats at “Piazza virtuale” was the “robotcamera”, which the audience could move through the studio on a rail under the ceiling via the telephone keypad. It not only allowed a look behind the scenes of “Piazza virtuale”, but also enabled personal conversations with its makers. The camera was built by Hamburg-based artist Nicolas Anatol Baginsky (, who is known for his kinetic works and robot sculptures and who cooperated with Hinnerk Schmidt on the “robotcamera”.

Video clip of Muskart – Die Robotcamera

Interview with Nicolas Baginsky, artist, on the „Robotcamera“

The Robotcamera is now stored at the workshop of Nicolas Baginsky


Christian Wolff talking to the audience via the Robotcamera

The Robotcamera on the TV screen

Salvatore Vanasco talking to the audience

After the Documenta the Robotcamera was installed at the Ponton Media Lab in Hamburg (Foto: Ali Altschaffel,

Screen shots of Muskart – Die Robotcamera