Public relations

Logos, press kits, posters, flyers, stationery and even a T-shirt were created as part of the communication strategy for press work and for approaching sponsors. Some examples of this kind of self-presentation, almost reminiscent of a company’s “corporate identity”, can be seen here. With this kind of presentation, however, the group also follows strategies that have been used in art at least since Fluxus and were further developed towards a “business art” in the 1980s and 1990s by artists such as the Swiss conceptual artist Res Ingold with his imaginary airline Ingold Airlines or the artist group etoy.

Early invitation for Piazza virtuale

Poster for Piazza virtuale

Advertising for BBS of Van Gogh TV

Cover of a press kit for Piazza virtuale

T-shirt for Piazza virtuale (Foto: Ali Altschaffel,

T-Shirt for Piazza virtuale


Stationery for Van Gogh TV / Ponton

Stationery for Van Gogh TV / Ponton