Archival material

Documentary film, 1992

After the conclusion of “Piazza virtuale”, the video material shot by Dieter Sellin and others was used to produce a documentary film about the project, directed by Utta C. Hoffmann.

Interviews filmed by Dieter Sellin

The following interviews were filmed by Dieter Sellin, who accompanied the work behind the scenes of “Piazza virtuale” with his video camera. (No English subtitles available, but some interviews were held in English.)

Christian Wolff, programming and hardware development

Wolfgang Werner, programmer. He explains the development of the database of “Medialandscape”.

Michael Ulrich, hardware development.

Salvatore Vanasco, member of Van Gogh TV.

Manuel Tesloff, music, sound and programming.

Daniel Haude, sound and mix.

Axel Roselius, programming.

Ludwig Seyfarth, public relations.

Ole Lütjens, programming.

Kathy Rae Huffman, international coordination and public relations.

Jan Holthusen, video and programming.

Gérard Couty, video and programming.

Tim Becker, programming and design.

Sybille Steinfartz und Cory McLeod, public relations and translations.

Jendo Neversil, staff member in Kassel.

Katja Zapadlová, News Café